Conversation Master Board Game

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What are the Target Groups of the Game?

Nearly ALL!!! Yes, it’s every household asset!!!

School Children

- Post-exam period- play in classrooms when there are no classes.
- Play with parents during family days
- Play during school holidays
- Play with peers in parties

College Students

- Play in club meetings or social events
- Play during orientation week
- Play in the canteen during break hours

Tuition/Language Centres

- Can organise a few sessions for the students.
- Can be self-running to substitute for the absence of a teacher
- Can be used as an ice-breaker in the class

Training Centres

- Can use this tool as training and appraisal tools
- Can use this game for self-development

Mass Communication Trainers

- Training for interviews

Direct sellers

- Can use this game as a networking game
- Can practise promoting products in English

Companies and Corporate Training

- Can buy the game to let the staff play during lunch break or after work with colleagues to build up better rapport amongst the staff in the company

- Can buy the game to train staff or to let customers play in a private room
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