Conversation Master Board Game

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Q: Is it difficult to understand the game?
A: No, itís very simple and not complicated. Easier than Monopoly game.

2. Q: I donít have the time to play the game. Is it time consuming to play the game?
A: No. You only need 1 hour- 1.5 hr to play the game. Just invest your short time in playing this game, you will find that youíll gain a lot out of this game.

3. Q: Will the same players get bored playing for the second time?
A: No. You can spice up the session with organising a Conversation Master Tournament or change the topics with the flexible card questions. Stricter rules apply. For the 3rd and 4th time, you can change the players.

4. Q: Why is it a game for life from the age of 9?
A: At the age of 9, your parents buy this game to train you. At the age of schooling, you play with your classmates during post-exam periods. At the age of 18, you play with your college mates to develop your charisma. At the age of working, you introduce this game to your company colleagues. You get to share their professional thinking. And if you do direct selling, you gather new contacts after this game. At your middle age, you introduce this game for corporate training. When you have your own family, you build up your family bonding by playing this game with your children.

5. Q: I already know how to speak. I am just interested in knowing what kind of self-development is in this game?
A: Are you sure you can speak really well? Do you know how to give opinions instantly? Can you give quality answers in interviews?

6. Q: What values does this game have?
A: For example, you never thought of doing anything for your parents until you get asked, ďName 3 things that you have done for your parents so far.Ē It has never crossed your mind about the need to improve yourself until you hear people sharing their success stories, investment strategies and how to upgrade oneís life. It gives you a chance to observe those who have charisma the way they speak and emulate them.

7. Q: How can it be used in corporate training?
A: It can be used for training staff in customer service and develop their quality as effective team players, sharing views on their approaches and strategies to approach the goal and mission of the organisation. The general topics are used to train staff who are not well-versed in English to speak.

8. Q: My students have limited general knowledge. Moreover, they are shy to speak out. How should I run this session in the class?
A: Foretell the students the questions and give them a day or two in advance to prepare their answers. When the day comes, guide them to speak. Make the session as informal as possible so that they feel comfortable to speak out.

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