Conversation Master Board Game

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Order and Pricing

Countries Charges Price
Malaysia Market Price RM50 - RM75
Postage and Packaging RM 30
Overseas Market Price USD$15
Postage and Packaging USD$15
Board Game: Conversational Board Game

Accessories USD Ringgit
Dice 0.15 0.50
Players Chips 0.15 0.50
Spinner 0.85 3.00
Call Bell 2.80 10
Cards 0.30 1.00


Note: Due to several requests from the distributors to mark-up the price, we are unable to offer the lowest possible price to customers. Our price ranges from RM50-RM75. You may source for the best price deal from us but if we are unable to deal with you directly, we may refer you to our appointed distributors. Please understand that the following costs are involved: -Transportation cost; Cost of engaging promoters; Cost of regional distribution; Management cost; We have actually underestimated our cost of production and extra costs in R&D. To be fair to those who pay RM75 for the game, please write to us and tell us where you buy the game from and keep the receipt. You can join our membership in our Conversation Master Club. We will offer you good deals in the future e.g. Free class in playing the game; Conversation Master Tournament/ Networking group meet up; Free E-books; Distributorship; Refer students for you to teach, etc. Note that those have no prove that they buy the game at RM75 need to pay RM25 to become members. For further enquiry, please email

Should the above plan works, we will continue with our proposal. Note that we reserve the right to change the policy or promotion method after three months. Please keep track on our updates.

How to order?

1. Email: to place your order. Fax: 03-41057433,04-2828468
2. Write your cheque/draft payable to WT publishing. By Pay-in A/c no.514196332937; by post :

15, Solok Slim 1, Jelutong, 11600 Penang, Malaysia

3. Your orders will be processed as soon as the cheque/draft is cleared.

Interested to be a direct seller?

Contact Winnie to discuss the marketing plan.

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