Conversation Master Board Game

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3-8 players

Ages 9 years and above

Duration of the Game: 1 hour - 1 ˝ hour

What is the game all about?

It’s a “Monopoly” kind of board game but much simpler than that. The name of the game is to search for a ‘conversation master’ amongst the players. Invite 3 to 8 players to sit round the board game. Each player talks when it comes to his turn. The player must speak for at least 30 seconds. Choose a person to play the role of a timekeeper. At the end of 30 seconds, the timekeeper will ring the call bell once to warn the speaker that he has 10 seconds left to complete his speech. After the 10 seconds are up, the timekeeper will ring the bell twice. The player must stop talking.

Contact Centre - A centre to share the player’s contact number, address or email with the group

Correction Centre - A centre to correct grammatical errors in speech

Punishment Centre - A Centre to punish the player- e.g. sing a song

Benefits of the game as an educational tool

This board game helps everyone including professionals to prepare for impromptu interviews. It helps to develop interesting characters and charisma. The players will learn to respond spontaneously to impromptu situations.

** A complement product of the book “Mastering Spoken English & Communication Skills” - by Winnie Toh and for training purposes.

How should the game be introduced?

- to be played in the conversation class/ English class session
- to be used as assessment during preliminary entry level
- to be used as an ice-breaker game
- to encourage students who are used to speaking in their mother-tongue to speak in English to one another
- to be played in parties/social gathering
- to be played during school holidays by school children
- to be used for personal development in communication
- to train people in answering questions during interviews
- to be used to appraise candidates in job interviews

Find out whether this game will bring you fun and excitement or shock and tension…

  • A game to exchange information amongst the players
  • A game in search of conversation master
  • A game for self-development
  • A game to be used as training and appraisal tools
  • A customized game to be used as training and appraisal tools
  • A family game for parents and kids
  • An ice-breaker game for new classes
  • A networking game
  • An educational game for kids
  • A game to keep for life from the age of 10 and above
  • A must-keep game in every household!

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