Mastering Spoken English & Communication Skills

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Affordable Mini workshops are run for college students, waiters and waitresses,Clerks, Retailers, Sales personnel and Promoters, Administration and Finance staff, etc.

Suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Direct Selling Companies, MLM Net workers, Advertising and Marketing companies.

(We do not encourage professionals to join but we help you to train your down lines)

Workshops are run in conjunction with education centres

  • Mock Interview and CV writing Voice and pronunciation training

  • Body Language

  • Meeting

  • Grammar

  • Listening Skills

  • Telephone Conversation

  • Upgrading Spoken English

  • Dealing with verbal Complaints

  • Bargaining and Buying Products

  • Dealing with verbal Complaints

  • Booking Holidays to European Countries

  • Communication Skills in Business

  • Serving Customers in English

  • Spoken English at college

  • Presentation Skills

  • Certificates will be awarded for students who go for exams

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